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Day 5 10-04-11 02:07
Coming soon, accidently posted the second half of day 4 twice, and can't delete.
Day 4 (2) 10-04-11 02:06

So Alex, how did you find such a big truck? I asked him, as we got closer to town. He was about to answer when we saw a sign ahead. It was written in what looked like marker. It said sanctuary. That reminds me, I say as I turn on Alex's radio and start fiddling with the dials. After a few seconds a clear signal comes through and I hear Father Jubil again. He's sending out the same message, and he names a town. I can only assume it this town we're about to go into.

The sign has directions, looks like we may as well follow them. So far, I haven't made a zombie smart enough or cunning enough to trick us into falling into a trap like that. Alex said, and I shrugged and agreed.

(in a testament to my mental instability at that moment, I don't remember travelling through the town at all, all I can remember is Alex saying that, and then we were at the front gates of a church or worship center of some sort).

This must be it, I call to the back. Everyone is still very somber, Mike did die after all. It was a humbling experience, mainly because it reminded us how fragile we really are. In the dream at least.

I climbed out of the semi, as did the rest of our group. Father Jubil came walking out of the church and up to the gate. It's been awhile, he tells us.

For us, it's been two days. I tell him, and he gives me the weirdest look, and removes the lock from the gate, allowing us to enter.

We can talk once we're inside, let's get safe before you explain yourself. He tells me, and we head inside. It's literally a sanctuary. A huge fence surrounding the compound, and a two story church made of brick. It was a mini fortress. Jubil was good at locating places to hide other survivors.

Inside, Jubil offers us food and water, and we happily sit down to eat. Explaining ourselves as we do. These things were invisible! The only time we could see them was when we weren't looking at them at all. As soon as we paid them attention, they would fade away and try to kill us. It was some freaky shit. I tell Jubil. Not only that, I feel like my mind is splintering into pieces. My first night in this shit, I was with several friends. I told you about that experience I believe. He nods his head letting me know I had. Well, it gets worse!

Tera interupts me: where was that train thing supposed to end, anyway?

Jubil turns to her and says, it was supposed to exit to an abandoned farm house. We discovered the tunnel when we were trying to escape from the facility.

That's weird, we were came out of the barn, there was a farmer who lived there, and offered a place to stay. We stayed there a single night, and woke up to the house being covered in dust, as if someone had been there for months. Then when we met Alex, he told us the zombie outbreak had occured several months ago! Somehow we'd been transported ahead.

Jubil nods gravely, and turns to me. Is that what the getting worse part of your story was? I shake my head no and he beckons me to continue.

Well, when I fell asleep at the farm house, I woke up in my bedroom. In my apartment, like nothing had happened. I did normal things throughout the day, and even when I called the people here at this table all them thought I was playing a joke on them. I eventually fell asleep, and woke up back at the farm, and we'd lost several months.

Jubil took it all in, and stared off into space for a little while. Sounds like you've peaked the interest of Anansi. He's a tricky one, not really good or evil. He messes with people, and if they're interesting, he'll keep at it. You've apparently made him happy if he's altering time and space to mess with you more.

So I'm not crazy? Both experiences really happened?

Yes, they both happened. But they didn't, also. It's a slippery slope. I sighed, realizing I finally understood. Don't be to relieved, should you stop entertaining him, he'll most likely kill you. And to tell you the truth, there's not much any of us can do about it. So stay interesting, I believe. That reminds me, where is your friend Alex you came in with?

We all looked around, and he wasn't there. We ran to a window that overlooked the front gate, and his semi truck wasn't there, either.

Was he...? I asked Jubil, who had no answer for me. As we were looking out the window, we saw a figure in the distance, he seemed to be on a bike... it was very strange.

As the person got closer, I realized it was Mike! How is that even possible? Guys, that's Mike! Jubil, can we go unlock the front gate? He nodded, and most of us ran downstairs to head to the gate. Holy shit, you're alive man! June grabs Mike in a big hug. How did you get here? We saw you die...

I dunno man, I just woke up with you all gone, and a bike next to me. I had the urge to get on the bike and just travel down the road. And I ended up here.

Everyone got their turn to hug Mike, and we all headed inside.

(To tell you the truth, the rest of this day is pretty boring. We all relax and hunker down, get a little bit of food, I give Mike his gun back and Jubil provides me with a rifle, we make plans with Jubil for what our future holds which brings us to trying save Chano from his mind zombie, and we head to bed)

Day 4 (?!?!?!?!) 10-02-11 08:42

I woke up to hands on my back. I was asleep on my back, which is unusual. I almost always fall asleep on my side. Who is doing that? I ask, not sure why someone is waking me up by shaking me, and why this doesn't really feel like my bed.

I opened my eyes. It was early morning... and I was outside. On my back, in the middle of a field! WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK! This can't be happening! This isn't real! I'm supposed to be in my bed!

I had attempted to stand up to look at my surroundings. That didn't work out so well, so instead I fell onto my ass and sat there, staring at nothing trying to process what was happening.

Tera shook my shoulder. You need to get up! Why are you in the middle of the field? She asked me.

I don't think you exist. I told her, shaking my head back and forth, staring off into the distance. I couldn't really see the people around me anymore. My reality was coming to an end, and this was it. Going back and forth multiple times is insanity. I must be insane. This must be a very vivid dream. That was it!

It was at that moment I realized shit was going down in this dream world. Mike had been attacked. Tera and Chano couldn't see it, and neither did Mike. Clement was still pretty injured (I guess? Who the fuck knows) so he helped me into the farmhouse. It was coated with dust like no one had been here for months. It didn't make any sense AT ALL.

You alright dude? Clement asked me. I moved my head and he floated into my field of vision.

Yeah, I'm fine. Besides that nothing is real, we're all in a dream world, and dying would return us to reality. Like Inception instead of Matrix.

He nodded, believing me to be insane. Whatever dream Clement, you haven't seen the fracturing of the universe like I have seen. Several screams outside alert me a bit, shaking me out of my reverie. It sounds like they need help, Clement said to me.

Give me your gun, and I will go assist them. I told him, staring at him. My look must've been a little... extreme because he held the gun closer to himself and shook his head no.

Okay. I'll still assist them. If we die here, we can go back to our normal lives. I stood up, and walked outside.

As I did, I heard Mike and Tera to my left, so I went in that direction. Mike was struggling with something on his face, Tera was trying to pull it off. I had no idea where Chano was. Or June... who knows. These people don't exist, they're just figments of my imagination. I came up to Tera and Mike. June had come running behind me and dumped water on Mike's face. The substance on it washed off, but he seemed unconscious. I shrugged, picked up his gun, and realized I heard a chirping sound.

I looked at the other side of the house and noticed Chano holding his gun in front of him, frantically looking about trying to locate...something. Probably whatever did this to Mike. Tera was also looking for it. I asked her what it was.

She had no idea, they hadn't really seen much of it, except when it had attacked Mike. She told me the sound meant it was still around because the sound started right before Mike was hit.

Okay, cool. So we're fighting an invisible enemy who only shows himself before he hits. Sounds like a fucking blast. We turned around, and Mike was regaining consciousness. Its good he was only out for a minute or two, otherwise serious brain damage would've been apparent. I grabbed his hand, and helped him into a standing position, using my shoulder as a brace for his weakened condition. He shook his head, as if shaking cobwebs off his brain.

Seems like you're still alive. Didn't wake up in reality. Sorry to hear it. He looked at me very confused. Obviously no one else knew what I knew. That was fine, they didn't need to know anyway.

It was at that moment that I was looking at Mike when the creature manifested itself directly in front of me. It shot something at Mike, and it turned out to be the same goo from earlier that had covered his face. I flinched and looked away, and saw the creature out of the corner of my eyes... and it DIDN'T disappear. I turned to it, and it immediately began fading from view. Before it did, I heard a gunshot. Chano had taken a shot at it, and I think he hit it. The thing didn't bleed very much. Which makes sense for a being who is trying to be undetectable.

Tera yelled at June to get more water, and he came running out a minute later and splashed more on Mike. I had to drop him long before that to avoid a sudden attack from the... what the fuck should I call it? Predator? Ha ha, I've seen too many movies. Everything probably has a coorelation to a movie of some sort.

Anyway, it tried to attack me and I threw myself to the ground to dodge it. Why not, right? I could keep playing this dream game, it was a little more interesting than my real life anyway. If I died, I would wake up in my bed, right?

I yelled at Tera and Chano: try to see it with your peripheral vision! It slides out of view when you pay attention to it! I looked at the ground, and started trying to see feet or hell, nothing at all. Just looking around in general.

To my left I saw what looked like human feet... except the skin seemed to be less connected than normal. It was creepy. I shouted at Chano and Tera, and they both looked down in the direction I told them to look. They killed it dead.

Walking over to Mike, Tera leans over him. She sighs heavily and sits down on the ground with an abrupt attitude. He's dead, guys. Mike seems to have suffocated. June was taken aback. Very quiet, and looked hurt. Mike was his best friend, afterall.

Don't worry guys, he's awake now. This false reality how no hold over him anymore. I told the collective. I heard a scoff and I saw Clement shake his head, but June reacted a little stronger. Shut up dude! That was my BEST FRIEND! Get your shit together, your brain is fried. And stalked off.

Fuck him too, right? Whatever, he's a dream. As we approached the farmhouse, we all heard the clicking, chirping sound again. Out of instinct I think, we all looked up as we entered the house. One of the predator's disappeared from our view.

Shit, what do we do? Someone asked, I'm not even sure who.

I'll be bait. Chano, Clement, Tera, keep your guns trained on me. I'm going to lure it to attack me. Which means I'm going to look for it very hard. You three stare at the ground like nothing is happening. I told the group.

I can take a hit better than you can, let me be the bait. Chano said, but I shook my head no. I can't shoot as well as you, so you have to be the one shooting, not I. Besides, this is just a dream. I'll wake up if I die so I'm the least frightened of death at this point. Be prepared!

-----------data lost---------

Sitting here in the front seat of this vehicle, I consider my reality yet again. Its very persistent. Alex was too conveniently placed for this all to be real. He just happened to be driving down the road when we needed a person to be driving down the road? He just happened to be heading towards the town we were trying to reach? It's all too damned insane, the probability is too insignificant for it to make any logical sense. Yet, here I sit... in the front seat of an 18 wheeler, and I'm alive. I am breathing, I can feel my face when I place my hands there. I feel my toes wiggling in my shoes. Blinking does not cause the world to cease to exist for any space of time. The hum of the vehicle is in harmony with the road. Even as I ask Alex questions, I an distracted with these thoughts. Perhaps this is a form of reality afterall? I'm not an expert or even educated in the subject. I percieve, therefore, I am. It's always how I've pictured it, but now that is thrown into question.

I just need a cigarette, man. You smoke, Alex? I asked. He shook his head no, but (I guess?) its good that Chano checked Mike's pocket and had grabbed his smokes. I needed one more than life itself.

Alex told me it was fine if I smoked in his cabin as long as I had the window down and didn't ash inside. Not a problem at all, I've smoked and driven a lot in my life, as passenger and driver.

Well, we're pulling into town now, and I've got a funny feeling I won't be able to write anything else for a little while. But this is pretty much caught up... until next time journal.

Day 3 (?!) 09-27-11 06:04
When I wake up, I'm usually slightly disoriented. This is usual for me, I always catch myself in the middle of a REM cycle, and my body is slow to respond to my increasing mental awareness. This in no way prepared me for the most vivid moment of my existence.

For approximately three days now, I've been running all across Portland, Milwaukie, and almost in Idaho trying to escape from these insane monsters that are best described as genetically designed zombies. Only, maybe I wasn't. Because right now as I write this out, my normal journal is on my bedside table. I'm sitting in my bedroom in my apartment. I hear Clement played his computer game, and I hear Laura listening to music. Have I imagined the entire scenario? Was I simply on a 3 day acid trip I don't remember beginning?

Truth be told, I had no idea. I figured I would begin today's journal entry with this.

Clement and I travel to Epic Gaming. He has no recollection of any events involving zombies or any manufactured plague. The normal people are there for the time, a few people playing board games, one or two people digging through the commons and uncommons, and our usual friends just arriving. It's an all too normal day. I keep feeling my grasp on reality weakening. But as the day passes, I am also struck with the unbelieveable idea that I've imagined everything.

No one realizes I was doing anything insane, either. Apparently I've been acting like a normal person for the last few days. I played in the tournament on Thursday and Friday (did decent, raged like always).

I called June and Tera, they remember nothing.

Perhaps there is nothing to remember?

I do not understand myself sometimes. I rarely fall into these delusional states. And they've always been triggered by massive amounts of mind-altering drugs. Some I care not name, for you, non existent reader of my journal, do not need to know. I don't know why I transcribe this as if someone were reading it... it's a product of my narcissm. I think I've explained that one before. But those journal entries aren't in here.

I am forced to the conclusion that everything was a very powerful game my mind was playing on me. I do not know why, and at this point, I don't care why. It's nearly 7 in the evening, and instead of interacting with my friends, I'm sitting on the couch in the corner writing my innermost thoughts onto a journal I usually don't carry around on my person. I guess I can put it down and write more later.
-- -- --

Yeah, it would appear everything was imagined. It's now 4 in the morning. I spent most of the night with my friends playing magic at our local hangout, a restaurant named Shari's. We go there a lot at night, and our favorite server was there. She's very nice, kind, and got an amazing body.

I still can't sleep, because I cannot shake this little voice inside my head telling me I'm not going to wake up in my bed, but in that farm house where I think I put my head down last to sleep. I'm not sure, but the thoughts are getting murkier and murkier. Maybe I did imagine them, and I'm slowly waking from the dream. Or perhaps I'm falling deeper into the dream? I haven't felt my normal aches and pains I feel in everyday living. My knees randomly hurting, my neck giving me troubles, my back being out of wack. None of that... its as if I'm a copy of myself. Only they tried really hard to recreate my mind and didn't spend enough time on my body.

Or everything I just wrote is bullshit. I have no idea. If I just fell asleep I could know, but I am so terrified of the thought of going back to a world where I am hunted, the entire human race is being hunted to extinction.

Eventually, I'm sure I'll succumb to my bodies need for sleep. I've been a sleep avoider/insomniac most of my life, so I know I can stay up a helluva lot longer than most people. I've been awake for a week before. It caused my mind hallucinations. Not entirely unlike what I've been experiencing the last few days. But I don't remember missing a lot of sleep, at least enough to cause hallucinations. Those usually occur after multiple days of being awake. Not two. Two days is almost nothing.

It's now 7 am. The sun is on its way up in the sky, and my nocturnal need for sleep is being overcome by my need for sunlight. I'll just ignore, put my journal down, and try to sleep. What's the worst thing that could happen?
Day 2 (part 2) 09-27-11 05:47
We all get back inside, and I take a chance to sit down. It feels like I've been running for days. I haven't, of course. I'm way too fat for multi-day (or hell, multi-hour) running.

Jubil and Cybil suddenly jerk to attention. Jubil is looking at the ceiling as we hear about a dozen thwacks! on it. I moan and shake my head. Damnit John Carpenter, stop giving me a false sense of security!

What the hell is going on Father?! I yell at Jubil, who has, at this point, walked over to his heavy ass case and opened it up. They found us. I didn't think they'd find us this easily, but I knew they'd find us eventually.

Do you mean you and Cybil? Who are they? Why are they here? What's going on now! I asked as our group got our shit back together in preperation of leaving.

They are like us, yet not at all. They've lost their humanity, and prefer to feed on you. Cybil and I have obviously kept most of our humanity intact. At least in our minds. He pulled two huge fucking guns out of his case, and stood facing the door. You all must leave now. Cybil and I shall remain behind to give you all a safe buffer. If you head out the back door, through the rock garden, about 100 yards east of the wall is a hatch. Inside that hatch is a track. Take it, and never return.

As he finishes his speech, another man enters the room. He looks like a Hollywood actor, truth be told. Of course! I must've been watching some crazy movie when I fell asleep. This dream is all too real though! The man says something. I don't remember what it was. We all turn to leave as Father Jubil faces him off. Chano, being who he is, turns around and decides he needs to shoot this mother fucker. I can't say I disagree besides my nagging need for self-preservation.

He hits the dude right in the face, all Fight Club style. The guy doesn't even flinch! We high-tail it away from there immediately. Out the back door, through the rock garden, and out into this stretch of grass.

We come face to face with another guy. Kind of looks like the last guy, just less... in control. Which is a little freaky. I look closer and he is standing between us and the hatch. How convenient this hatch exists anyway, right?

Mike, Chano, Tera, and Clement all whip out their guns and start firing at him. He takes all the bullets in various spots on his body... and SMILES! Fuck. We're still going to die.

Faster than I could imagine, the damned thing jumped 15 feet and straight-up attacked Clement, catching him in the neck with long vampirish teeth. He falls to the ground. I'm closest to Clement, and to be honest, pretty useless without a long-range weapon. I tackle the thing off Clement before it can finish its work. Unless he's already dead. Whatever.

The thing leaps back, smirks, and runs into the building. A second before that, what I can only assume were Father Jubil's guns starting blasting away whatever else came and joined him. This was a unique opportunity for us to leave. NOW. Chano picks up the bleeding Clement, and Mike takes point. We head quickly to the hatch, and descend down into it.

It's all clear. Mike shouts at us. We head down the hatch. (this is almost unsufferably long, isn't it?) Everything's normal, we take the little train thing inside it. Why not, right? We've already descended into the bowels of the Matrix.

After a good five hours, the infernal contraption finally stops. We unload ourselves and our belongings. At the end of the tunnel, is a set of stairs, and a ladder. Mike leads again, and it ends us in a barn.

Exiting the barn, we see a house. Plot developed. We knock on the door, dude answers. invites us in, and we are happy to oblige him. Has nothing to offer us but a bit of information on Jubil (used to be a cop) and shelter for the evening. Seems like a good plan... we all hunker down to sleep besides Mike and Tera, who are keeping first watch. I feel like I haven't slept in a day or two. It might be true. I close my eyes, wondering what madness I'll see when they open again.
Day 2 (part 1) 09-21-11 07:27
I open my eyes. The sky is overcast and dark, like any other night in Oregon. Or is this the after life? Never believed in it anyway, so it couldn't be. Somehow I was moved from my previous location.

I stand up, and look around. I'm on the bank of the Willamette River. How in Zeus' beard am I here? I was like 10 miles away last time I was conscious. My backpack and the supplies I had gathered from Tyler's place and the supply shop are completely gone. All I've got on me is a pack of cigarettes, lighter, wallet, and keys. Not exactly the best of situations.

I sit down on the ground, figure fuck it. Smoke a cigarette while I try to figure out how many drugs I actually did. Could I have imagined the whole thing? Well then, how did I end up here on the bank of this damn cold river on a cold night in Semptember? I didn't know.

I froze in mid-drag when I heard a familar sound. To my left and right I heard shambling through the knee-high grass. Maybe I was deeper down the rabbit hole than I thought.

I thought about calling out. That's a rational person does right before Jason pops up and guts them. If real life was suddenly following movie rules, I would eventually die. Only virgins live to the end, after all. So I surpressed my innate desire to call to whatever was out there. I heard a grunt, more shuffling, and about a foot to my left stood a man with a vacant look on his face. It took him all of two seconds before he saw me, and went for an attack. I fended up off by putting my cigarette out in his eye. I grabbed him by he neck and forced him to the ground, fighting me all the way. Who are you I asked him, he gave no reply accept a fiendish attempt to bite my face. As I'd seen in too many movies, I tried to twist his neck to snap. The neck is apparently made out of steel, because I couldn't force it. I relaxed my arms slightly and gave the mightiest twist I had in me. I felt and heard the neck snap and the mewling beast in my grasp stopped moving.

Well, that's four people I've killed now. It was a quiet kill this time, at least. If people even existed anymore. Maybe this was Last Night on Earth. Perhaps I'm one of the only human survivors left from a blah blah what the fuck do I care. I needed to get out of here. But there was too much commotion going on around me. More of these fuckers were around.

A fun bit of truth: when you need to get out, like RIGHT NOW, just look down the river and a boat will come floating down with obvious signs of being driven. It'll also pick you up. It will ALSO! as I add the exclamation, be filled with familar faces and friends. Three of which you've already come across in Oregon City.

Well shit, I say. Ya'll survived too? Glad you made it out of that building. I tell this to Mike and Aaron. Both of them look at me like I'm insane. You do remember the lights going out, right?

I relate my tale to them all, Tera and Aaron, I almost see them as the same person sometimes they're so inseparable. Mike, the stoic type of person. Chano is a big guy like me, yet he always has something funny to say. and Clement as I call him. His name is Aaron too. I know too many aaron's. I usually call them by their last name to avoid confusion. If there ever comes a day I meet two people with the same first and last name, I'm moving to Antarctica.

Mike, Tera, and Aaron June (I'll just call him June from now on) don't remember anything about my story at all. Especially Mike. It freaks me out pretty bad. Maybe I did imagine it. Yet I still have a fucking bite on my shoulder. Looks a little cleaned up. My shirt is also curiously absent of blood. It's the same shirt I was wearing when I was bit, though.

Alright guys and gal, what the fucking fuck is going on? Are these like, really zombies? I ask the collected group of misfits. What the hell do you think they are? Chano zings back at me. I shrug. Good point.

I ask what their plan is. They also heard the radio transmission by Father Jubil I failed to mention earlier (I'm writing this at night, cowering in a farmhouse, some 400 miles away from portland. Give me a break non-existent asshole reading this). They're heading to the Rose Garden to find this man. I think it's a huge waste of time. How the hell did this man set up a sanctuary in like 10 hours? To all survivors? That makes it sound like very few are left. Tera mentions everywhere they've been has been almost completely devoid of people. I noticed the same thing.

We land the boat somewhere near the Rose Garden. Hell if I know where. I grew up in Milwaukie. That's like 5 miles away from Portland. And Portland is a butthole as far as I'm concerned. About 100 feet in front of us, we seem those shambling looking dudes and a huge fat guy. Someone mentions the big fat ones explode. At least I know my fate should I ever turn into a zombie. I'll be even more bloated and explode on people. Homoerotic tendencies aside, these bastards mean business. Mike, Clement, and Chano all line up firing squad-like, and all shoot him. Good shots all around, and he explodes, killing the other zombies with them.

We get to the Rose Garden. the streets are deserted, no cars are driving past. There is nothing. Portland is NEVER this dead. It's almost haunting. We make out way to a major parking structure for the Rose Garden. A few vehicles are in the parking lot; unmoving and looking abandoned already.

We go inside the building. I voice this seems like a retarded place to build a sanctuary, because it's fucking huge. They all tell me to shut up and get down. Chano sticks his finger in his ear, and asks us if we heard that. Nope, nothing over here crazy man. We keep looking around, and then Tera notices a figure at the end of the food court we're in. If you've never been inside the Rose Garden, there's a huge circle that wraps around the actual ampitheatre (I'm using that word so deal with it, this is my fucking journal). It was just out of eyesight, and didn't move like any of the zombies I'd seen before.

Chano heard the voice again. What the fuck? I asked him if it was, like, talking directly into his brain. He just shrugged. It seemed like a logical leap, but who knew at this point. I was basically in a movie anyway. Of course Chano wanted to move forward to see if he could get closer to the thing. We all advised against it, but whatever, its his death wish. He moved forward very slowly, and what the hell, we followed at a distance. He kept going about a hundred feet, the creature always just out of proper eyesight. He waved us closer, and get next to him. He let us know the voice kept telling him to move forward. Fuck that, right?

As we're heading back to the parking garage, realizing how INSANE it would be to have a 'sanctuary' in this building, Chano hears the voice one more time. It tells him they'll meet again. Creepy shit, alright.

We get back to the parking garage, and we need some wheels. No more on foot bullshit. We've devised a new plan: head to the Rose GardenSSS which makes way more sense if this was Zombieland. Which it clearly is.

Mike picks the lock on some minivan, and I elect myself as driver. I'm sure I mentioned how good of a driver I am. Tera gets in on the passenger side, Mike and Clement climb into the very back, Chano and June sit in the middle section of the minivan. Thank god this is a mid-90's vehicle with rudimentary defenses against invasion and a simplistic way of hot-wiring it. Otherwise we were boned. I'm also pretty sure I'm the only one with an airbag. Good on me for being the driver I suppose. We leave the parking garage, and I nail a shambling zombie and presumably kill it. Then we start heading to some bridge. Tera gives me directions, because Portland was built on the premise of pissing you off hard enough to drive people off the road. All in good fun. It must be nice to do loads of coke and then design entire cities.

Turns out it was the Hawthorne Bridge. Hate this bridge. Truthfully, I just hate bridges. Of course shit has to happen on it. As we're crossing it, some fucking giant throws a car at us. I'll rewrite that for clarification. A HUGE GIANT 20 FEET TALL THREW A FUCKING CAR AT ME! I barely dodge the flying hunk of metal, and screech to a halt. Why is god unmerciful? I mutter to myself, as I flip the minivan around and try to leave the bridge as fast as I possibly could. Chano climbs into the very back with Mike and Clement. They break out the window and start firing on the giant. Chano gets one of those once in a lifetime shots and nails right between the eyes, sending the bastard staggering and unable to throw more CARS at me.

I've gotta be driving 70 miles an hour as I tear ass away from the behemoth, while the three men sent shot after shot into it. I FINALLY! get off the bridge. As I do, another vehicle is launched at me, which I narrowly dodge. I make a few break-neck turns and land us onto the Ross Island Bridge. I know this bridge. Only because I used to drive over it three times a week taking my ex-girlfriend to college. I used to be such a nice person (HAH!).

I keep travelling at an insane speed as we speed through an area I've always known to be stupid busy. Not a moving car in sight. Just a few cars parked on the side of the road. As if people just got out and died. Creepy shit is always around! Jesus.

I get on some interstate. Tera is a good navigator, because if I were doing so, we'd be fucking lost. We're still heading to the Rose Gardens at this point. Which means on the freeway we chose, we have to travel through a tunnel several hundred feet long. Not scary at all. I hate tunnels.

Approaching the tunnel, I notice several cars all parked haphazardly in the tunnel. Again, as if people just stopped where they were, got out, and were swallowed whole by something.

Of course the ground is all fucked up. Of course as soon as we get in the tunnel is starts rumbling. What else could possibly happen?! Yet besides the omnious undertones of the situation, we make it through the tunnel quite easily. It's only after we make it through that something rears its ugly ass head. A giant wurm! It looks like its from Dune. I know this because June says, it looks like those wurms from Dune, only smaller. I agree with him, having read the books awhile back.

Once again our valiant, gun-wielding heroes must make a fateful decision. TO SHOOT OR NOT TO SHOOT. To shoot, of course. Would you expect anything less from people who own the weapons they're currently firing on all kinds of quazi-humanoid figures?

I'll let you guess how that all works out. The wurm doesn't die. I think they wound it pretty decently, because it follows for a little while, burrows underground, comes back up chasing us... and then goes back under and emerges in front of us.

Tera whips our her little 9MM. Aims right at the damn things head, and fires a shot into its mouth. Sends the little bitch scampering. Not that I could take a bullet to the face. But i'm not a huge ass wurm that shouldn't exist by all reasonable estimates of science and technology.

Passing the zoo (FUCKING ZOMBIE MONKEYS MAN!) we see a dead elephant. Something big enough and strong to rip an elephant apart. The animals have also probably been released. That means, somewhere in Oregon, there's a fucking zombie zebra roaming about. Terrifying and yet neat as tits. I hope to meet it someday, where I can blow its brains out after admiring it.

Washington Square. Ever been there? Probably not, since you don't exist. I'm just narcisstic enough to hope in vain that somehow this journal of insane ramblings survived me. I'm not about to die or anything as I write it, but who the fuck knows.

Anyway, Washington Square. Its a huge area that covers some area in downtown Portland. Nothing special, but it gives me the creeps. Tera leaves me alone in the front for a minute, and Clement climbs into the navigator's chair. Hey dude, take this shortcut. June and I were talking back there and there's a church of some sort near the Rose Gardens. This path will lead us to both.

Alright. A church. Haven't been in one of those since I was a preacher a few years back. Weird to think about that now. Whatever. I take the shortcut.

From the seat behind me, I hear Tera: one of those screamers (the dude with the nails) is ahead of us, passing through the trees. Mike pipes up to point it out. We're travelling at a lax enough speed for this to transpire.

Mike takes careful aim at the zombie, lets loose a single shot. Who knows if its hit or not. It explodes! Not really, but it catches fire and probably dies a painful death. Clement remarks its burning white hot.

The Rose Gardens! cool plants and all. bunch of roses and shit. We head to the church. Turns out to be a buddhist Temple of some sort. There are curiously no zombies around us at all. It's a visitor's attraction, so thankfully there's parking. Tera remarks before we pull into the lot that she thinks she saw a man on the top of the building. Dark Knight shit. Maybe Father Jubil is the masked crusader? Har har.

We go up to the doors of the temple. Well, shit, may as we knock. And we do. After a moment, someone is at the door. He unlocks it. A man stands before us. Doesn't seem special or awe-inspiring. Just a dude, no hat, regular hair, black casual yet business clothes.

He invites us in. We talk a minute about what the FUCK is going on! Father Jubil seems to know a lot more than he lets on. He started a sanctuary when none realized it was even needed. He's also not alone. There's a woman here also. We ask about her, and he doesn't offer very much information. This guy is a creepy bag of creepy filled with creepy sauce. But he seems like a legit guy. Carries himself like he knows WTF to do. I ask him why there were no zombies around the temple. He said the lesser experiments wouldn't be able to get in.


Experiments? Like governmental shit like Outbreak? He attempts to soothe us, and says he'll explain more once we've had a moment of rest. Asks if anyone is injured. Guess what? Still got a fucking zombie bite in my shoulder! Apparently at some point before(after?) I saw Mike, he got some wounds. He escorts us to a back room.

There, we meet Cybil. or Sybil. Or Sibyle. Fuck if I know how bitches spell their names. She comes up to us, shakes our hands, and introduces herself. She casually puts her hand on my injured shoulder.

I'm a little nervous, but by nature a trusting guy. I feel heat from her hand, and then I feel nothing. No pain. Just... normalcy. She does something similar for Mike. Did this chick just cure our ailments?

Hey, yo. This zombie bite. It had me pretty nervous. Thought any minute I was going to turn into one of them. Probably the bomb dude.

You're welcome. Was her mystic response. How the hell did you do that anyway? I ask her.

I'm different. She replies, a small smirk on her face. Do you know anything about all this? I ask her.

She doesn't really seem to have very many answers. I need a fucking cigarette! Mike's got this shit, and hands me one. Clement joins us also. Father Jubil asks us to smoke outside. Not a problem, I say and he escorts us to the back where there's a huge fence and a rock garden. Seems pretty safe.

Alright man, you gotta tell us more. You seem to know your shit. What is going on! Why was Cybil able to cure my wounds? Why were you able to set up a sanctuary and repel zombies? And what about these experiments? This is all heavy shit! Yesterday I was playing magic and getting with my friends.

Father Jubil nods, and takes a second to answer my barrage of questions. There was a breakout from a hidden government facility. I don't know a lot more about it, I was drugged a lot of the time. They injected us all with some chemicals. In some people, it changed them... like Cybil. Or me. I'm very strong, and I'm very fast. Others were affected differently. Some weren't strong enough to handle it.

They turned into faceless automatons.

Are there more like you? Were you one of the first? Mike asks him.

There are some... like me. In the same sense that the shamblers and the screamers are similar to each other. The chemicals affect each person in a different way.

What about little girls, man? We've been attacked by a little girl twice (refer to my previous narrative where I don't give a FUCK if I left something out of this journal and you find out later), who seemed very interested in the taste of our insides. That's Silent Hill shit. As I said, everyone is affected differently. Jubil responds. I know that's all he knows. But I need to know more! Check it, if I had died or whatever, and turned into a zombie... would I be one of the shamblers? Or the bombers?

Jubil nods again, and says it would affect me if I were being injected with the chemical like the rest of him.

Clement asks about contigency plans. How do we escape from here, what are alternative plans, etc.

I will protect this place. For future survivors, should they encounter the message or the temple. If you ever need to escape, I will help you do that, too.

Our conversation dwindles a little as we finish up other pointless questions, and we head inside. A chance to relax and collect my thoughts.

Just kidding, mother fucker. That better be on my headstone. JK LAWLS! Shit gets crazy within an hour of us being there.

We're moving out, I'll have to finish writing this shitstorm about to happen later. Deuces imaginary friend of mine stretched across time and space!

day 1 (maybe) 09-21-11 06:19

We all pile out of the car at the tyler's place with the purpose of enjoying mind-altering substances.

Substances enjoyed. General malaise surrounds us as we talk about fantastical stories we've lived through. Hilarity ensues.

Random news report warns us all (cory, tyler, mike, and myself) that there have been a string of burglaries in our area. tyler gets up and locks the back door while mike locks the front.

A muffled noise is heard outside both doors. we peak outside the back door and see a humanoid figure in the backyard, minding his own business. mike attempts conversation but falls on deaf ears.

Human seems to notice our presence. makes no effort to verbally acknowledge us. he lerches towards the door and walks through the screen trying to get at mike. mike punches him very hard and sends him reeling.

Tyler, Mike and I pile into the backyard in an attempt to subdue him. I believe we actually kill him. he does not act like a normal person. Mike goes to the front of the apartment, and looks out the peephole to see if anyone is there after hearing more noises over there. we all foolishly follow him and ignore the backdoor. may still be suffering from narcotics.

Noises behind us alert us that shit has officially hit the fan. Two people in the same state of being are in the living room. Tyler takes this moment to body slam one of the men. I drop into a stance similar to a boxing style I realistically know nothing about. I punch the other man as hard as I can in the face. He drops like a ton of bricks.

Those two dispatched, we all decide that getting the fuck out of there seems like a keen idea. We attempt to get out and climb the fence. Mike takes lead. Sees nothing scary on the other side and hops down. Tyler is stuck on the face halfway up (he's a very big fella. I'm not exactly tiny myself).

We hear a young girl on the other side. A small amount of conversation occurs while I'm trying to push Tyler over the fence. A gunshot echoes out in the darkness of night. tyler, frightened, lands on top of me. A little girl jumps over the fence and seems to be... different. Tyler and I scramble up. Add it to more weird shit and a sense of panic. I try to hit the little girl after she tells us our insides look delicious.

I fail miserably, I'm not a trained fighter. Tyler decides to act, and jumps at her with his weight behind him. Her stength does not matter when compared to his 350 lb. body. He crushes her immediately, and we get over the fence and get the fuck out of the backyard.

To get to the vehicles, we must walk down a dark alley 50-70 feet long. We all get the feeling we're in a movie, but thankfully cory has a flashlight on his phone. We scout down and find more of the plebian walkers. We attack them outright, tired of bullshit. I stab one of them in the chest with a large knife. It causes considerable damage, but it doesn't seem to care. Bites my shoulder and draws blood and hurts like hell. Cory takes one out, and the one I stabbed dies a second later as its brain catches on to what i've done to it.

I take my shirt off and wrap it around my shoulder, and we realize we need to split into two vehicles. Cory realizes we should try calling our friends to get them to safety also. Phones do not work. Are you there, Alice?

We decide a quick course of action. We need supplies. This feels like a movie, simply because weird shit is happening to normal people. We decide we need guns. A lot of them, and now. Cory says his grandpa has a fuckton of them. Not sure if real measurement.

Tyler gets behind his wheel, and I convince cory I should drive. I'm an excellent driver. We head from Oregon City into Oak Grove via McLoughlin blvd.

In a huge twist of irony, less than 2 miles from our goal we find a huge fire truck flipped over, engulfed in flames. The irony is lost on Cory. I brake like a normal person, Tyler nearly flips his car into the wreckage. We hear a loud scream in the distance. I shout to Tyler to come closer to us. The scream issues even closer. A large figure lands on Cory's hood. I slam the car into reverse, as it digs foot- long claws into the dashboard to hold on. I slam on the brakes, and Tyler pulls up next to us. Mike climbs out of the passenger door and takes a shot at the... thing. He hits it, but this seems to enrage the beast.

It gets off the vehicle and glares at us in Cory's car. I try to door check it, I again miss. Should learn how to properly kill people at some point, if this continues. Mikes opens the passenger door again, shoots the thing in the head. I presume it dies. Generally what happens when your brains are all over the ground.

Tyler pulls up close to us. Cory says we should try again to head to his grandpa's. We backtrack a little bit, and try to take a backroad. Less than a mile from our destination, we come across a huge shambling hoard of... well, they're fucking ZOMBIES. My wound feels as if its festering, and I swoon slightly from the loss of blood. Cory mentions one more route to his grandfather's house. We decide to say fuck it, and plan a trip back towards Oregon City. There's a fish and hunting establishment we can hit up. See if we get supplies there.

Upon arriving at the supply store, we find it boarded up. We all get out of our vehicles, and go to the door. We communicate with the people inside, an older couple. They invite us in, and give us the look over. I mention the bite on my shoulder, and the man's eyes kind of widen. It's not like I was biten by a fucking vampire, dude. We go to his back room, to eat. Aaron and Tera are there in a nice convienent twist of events. We question how they ended up here. They were attacked like you'd expect, and yes it was Tera's jeep outside.

Tyler and I notice the couple are not in the back with us. We head out to the bigger room to find them. The lights go out, we heard some screaming, and I feel a heavy thump on the back of my neck. My senses go dim as I slide into unconsciousness. What a fucking way to die, right?